Apply for FG Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP) 2024

Apply for FG Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP) 2024:The Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP) is an empowerment program formulated to empower the Nigeria families for economic self-sufficiency and social integration .

As an empowerment program, FEAP seeks to promote viable agro and non-agro-based projects in the local government areas of Nigeria. It aims also to launch initiatives and speed up private sector involvement in economic development.

To be Eligible for FEAP Application, you must

  1. Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  2. Must be a member of either a Nuclear or Extended family .
  3. Must have the National Identification Number (NIN).
  4. Must be of the ages 18-65 years old.
  5. Have good verbal and written communication skills.

All Applicants are to apply by registering on the Application Form and follow the application steps.


Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP) Portal:


Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP) Website:

All minimum requirements need to be met and mandatory information provided.

Application closes 12midnight of Thursday, 22nd August, 2024.

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No, You only required to update and verify your National Identification Number NIN (Charges may apply) to be eligible for the exercise.

Yes, irrespective of your qualification or educational background , you can apply for FEAP programme Application Form.

Yes .The Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP) is an empowerment program formulated to empower the Nigerian families for economic self-sufficiency and social integration so irrespective of your employment status, you can can apply and become a beneficiary of FEAP programme .Application Form.

The selection process for FEAP Programme is as follows:

  1. Eligibility criteria for is available on the ‘Eligibility criteria’ page of this website.
  2. Intrested Applicants must submit their application electronically via the application page of this website. Applications submitted through alternate medium will not be considered.
  3. Applications will be open for a period of 8 weeks (with the start and closing dates clearly indicated). Applications will not be received after the closing date.
  4. Applicants will be required to carefully review the selection criteria before beginning the application process. Only applicants that meet the minimum requirements will be considered for the next stages of the selection process.
  5. Given the expected high volume of applicants, the programme will only communicate to successful candidates.
  6. The application cycle (from submission to selection process) is expected to last a period of 4 months. In case of any changes, communication to this effect will be made.

Yes. All selected applicants will be awarded an empowerment FEAP Grant of ₦100,000 monthly.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. You can recover your password clicking here then an email with your password credentials will be sent to your inbox.

Communication to successful applicants will be made through the formal email address and if you have successfully sumbitted your application ,kindly click on the check status button on the Sucesseful Application Page.

Successful applicants will receive their monthly payment at the end of every month for a period of 1 year.

All banking details will be validated against the the applicant’s names. No payment will be processed for applicants if the banking details provided do not belong to him or her.

Yes, provided it is for a valid reason and the account belongs to the applicant.
Please follow these steps.

  1. Contact the FEAP Call Centre informing them that you wish to change your account details. State reasons.
  2. Provide a bank statement as a proof that the account you wish to switch to belongs to you.

Banking details are submitted at the point of registration. They will remain unchanged all through the application period. Therefore, ensure that details provided are accurate.


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