Latest Update on Federal Fire Service Recruitment Shortlist 2024

The widely claimed 15th date which was supposed to be day of shortlist was never announced by the CDCFIB and was only a false and untrue claim by individuals and outlets who in fact do not have any connections with the board or Fedfire.

The Staff recruitment team and board members have confirmed that there are two consultative meetings between the board, Fire Service and its stakeholders expected to hold next week and then the outcome will determine the immediate commencement and continuation of the recruitment process.

The CDCFIB or Fire Service will never release a pdf list to the public or anything like it to show names of shortlisted candidates. Anybody that tells you there is a list or they have been shortlisted are scammers who are out here to play with your minds.

You can only confirm shortlist on the portal when it’s open.

We advise you to stop deceiving applicants and most importantly stop spreading false informations.

As of today, There are assurances from the Human Resources team and staff recruitment team of the FEDERAL FIRE SERVICE and CDCFIB that the public will hear from them this month.


CDCFIB Federal Fire Service Recruitment Portal:


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