Apply for Abdullahi Tanko Umaru Memorial Scholarship 2024

Apply for Abdullahi Tanko Umaru Memorial Scholarship 2024

In honor of Mallam Tanko’s enduring influence, the Abdullahi Tanko Umaru Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to students facing economic challenges. This scholarship is specifically tailored to support students who embody the values and dedication exemplified by Mallam Tanko.

The Abdullahi Tanko Memorial Scholarship offers a financial grant of N100,000 to facilitate the academic pursuits of selected recipients. To be considered for this need-based scholarship, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. Be a first or second-year student at any tertiary institution.

2. Enrolled in any field within humanities and social sciences.

3. Attach a copy of your admission letter.

4. Provide thoughtful responses to three essay questions, each with a maximum word limit of 500 words:

a) Clarify your academic and career goals, elucidating the influence of friends and family.

b) Define the concept of “leaving a good legacy behind.”

c) Describe a problem you have solved or wish to solve, emphasizing its significance and outlining the steps taken or that could be taken to identify a solution.

Important Points to Note:

1. There is no minimum CGPA requirement for the Memorial Need-Based Scholarships.

2. Applicants who may have faced academic challenges are especially encouraged to apply.

3. The scholarship fund of ₦100,000 will be directly disbursed to the recipient’s educational institution and can be utilized to cover tuition fees.

Application Process:

Interested candidates must submit the required materials through this link by February 5, 2024. Successful applicants will be notified by March 5, 2024.

For any inquiries, comments, or concerns, please direct them to [email protected].


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