How to Take FGN ALAT Skillnovation Assessment

How to Take FGN ALAT Skillnovation Assessment

Many selected candidates of Federal Government ALAT Digital Skillnovation Programme are having difficulty in taking assessment after watching their courses.

Below is the step by step on how to login to candidate’s dashboard and take their assessment.

1. Visit FGN ALAT Skillnovation course and assessment portal at or Click Here to Login

2. Login to your dashboard using your email address and password or

Note: Under “Email”, input the email you used to register for the programme and under “Password”, use password (all lowercase). Once Logged In, please change this default password.

3. After logging in to candidate’s dashboard it will take you to ” My Courses” where you will see various courses.

Under My Courses you will have these modules on your dashboard.

  • Today’s Course
  • Your Next Course
  • Upcoming Course
  • Previous Course

3. To go through any course, just click on the name of the course or “Start”

4. This will take you to the course dashboard where you will see the full details and the video of the course.

5. Read all the necessary details and then watch the video from beginning to the end.

6. After watching the video course, now you should take ready for your assessment test.

7. To take your assessment, click on the icon ( 3 small boxes with + sign) on the top of the screen where you will see six boxes with six options.

8. Click on the option with “Remsana Fundrasing Courses”

9. This will take you to another page with heading “Online Courses on Fundraising” Under this there are various courses similar to ones you saw under my courses.

10. Click on the name of the course you already watch it will take you to another page. If you encounter “Error establishing a database connection” keep refreshing the page.

11. Under the name of the course, click on the icon with three lines. It will show you two options, introduction and assessment, click on the assessment.

12. To start your assessment, turn your browser to desktop view and start your assessment, after your assessment click on finish assessment.

If you have any question concerning the above explanation, comment with your question below.


FGN ALAT Portal:


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