Thanks to Sen. Uba Sani for Reducing Tertiary Institutions Tuition Fees in Kaduna State


By: Lawal Muhammed Kasim
15th September, 2023

“Leadership is unleashing people’s potential to become better.”____ Anonymous

To begin with, I have been ringing to the ears of my audience in all my write ups, concerning Senator Uba Sani, and his visionary leadership circumspect, that the modus operandi of his leadership is championing the course of humanity. There is no any iota of doubt in my mind, pertaining to my assertions with regards to our amiable Governor. Before one can say Jack Robinson, one can apparently see the trajectory upon which Senator Uba Sani is basing the development of Kaduna State. I have envisaged that in no distant time, His Excellency will transform Kaduna State into a hub of economic development, from all available evidence, by the grace of Almighty Allah. Our respectful Governor, deserves showers of encomiums for his giant strides, in uplifting Kaduna State, to the highest echelon of development.

At this juncture, I deem it necessary to use this medium, on behalf of the students of Kaduna State, to thank the Governor of the people for the people, for the job well_done ___ the reduction of tertiary institutions fees in Kaduna State. We thank him for listening to the public outcry, my former write up with the caption: “A CLARION CALL TO KADUNA STATE GOVERNMENT TO REDUCE KASU TUITION FEES”, dated: 23rd June, 2023. The article has played a crucial role in the reduction of tertiary institutions tuition fees; the article has been published in BAYAJIDDA MAGAZINE based in Kaduna State. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Editor in Chief of the Magazine Anas Sulaiman, for aiding me in making the publication of the article possible.

The reduction of the tuition fees was a clear indication, that our Governor, in the person of Senator Uba Sani, gives listening ears to the grievances of his people. Education is the pivot through which all development rotates. When you educate the youths, you have solved the problems of your society as a leader, hook, line and sinker. Educated youths are the yardstick to access societal development, in the short and in the long runs, that is to use an Economics lingo. No individual or forces will have the temerity to use educated youths as machines in achieving his/her whims and caprices, because they have full sense of responsibility. A leader who makes education affordable to the citizens, he means greater development of his people in particular and the greatest development of his society in general.

With Senator Uba Sani, our lost confidence with regards to our rights to education has been restored. We felt marginalized and demoralized hitherto, that education in Kaduna State, was the prerogative of children of the rich then, with the hike in tuition fees by the erstwhile administration in Kaduna State. The hearts of the children without silver spoons like me the writer, were gasping and palpitating that education was beyond our rich then. Glory be to Almighty Allah, for sending a Messiah ___ in the person of Senator Uba Sani. We are hopeful and prayerful, that educational terrain will be better off than the way it is presently, in the future.

Our Governor has done tremendously well; he has paved ways for students to unleash their potentials academically. We the students, more often than not, those in the tertiary institutions, we have to pray for him ad infinitum, and we should be committed and dedicated to our academic pursuits, as a result of doing this, and even by doing that, we will take Kaduna State to the commanding height of excellence, and our down to earth Governor will be proud of us. A committed and dedicated student is an asset to the State in particular, and to the Nation in general. Let us emulate the aforementioned traits en masse; let us leave no stone unturned in achieving our efficacious goals academically.

In the same line of symmetry, I solicit the esteem gesture of his Excellency, to focus more on health care and rural development. With healthy citizens, all the blueprints set in motion for Kaduna State could be easily achieved. Remember the old maxim: “health is wealth”. No economic objective can be achieved without wealth. The citizens are the engines for generation of wealth; the generation of wealth will lead to economic growth; economic growth will lead to economic development. This can only be achieved with healthy citizens. So health is sine qua non for a meaningful development. Rural development will go along way in mitigating the proliferation of the insurgency bedevilling the State. The worst case scenario is that, lack of development in the rural areas is one the genesis of the perennial tussles of problems affecting the State. With rural electrification and good road networks and as well as the provision of other infrastructural facilities, there will be bumper harvests at the end of every agricultural season; farmers will easily convey their farm produce to the markets; more especially conveying perishable goods to the markets. Government and farmers will generate incomes, and Kaduna State will be the food basket of the nation. Rural development will also help in curbing the menace of indigenes versus settlers quagmires.

Penultimately, we want our amiable Governor, to revive and revamp the Primary and Secondary Schools, and to nip the problem of out of school children in the bud. We solicit for a better treatment of Primary and Secondary Schools teachers, in terms of their welfare. I will also want to make a clarion call to our Governor, to come to the aid of Primary School teachers, with regards to the prompt payment of their monthly salaries. The Primary School teachers are more often than not marginalized in terms of payment of their monthly salaries. I have the firm belief that our esteem Governor will come to their aid.

The last but by no means the least, I would like to draw the attention of Kaduna State citizens on the importance of peace, unity, solidarity and as well as social cohesion. There is a need for us to unite ourselves into an organic whole, irrespective of religious differences and ethnic undertones. Kaduna State will be great if we give peace a room. It is only in the shade of peace that things will be in the pipeline. I wish and I pray for our Governor, in the person of Senator Uba Sani and his family members, long live, prosperity and sound health condition now and forever, for him to continue steering the affairs of Kaduna State hitch free.

Amen a zillion times.

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