How to Apply for SMEDAN Credit Loan Application 2023

How to Apply for SMEDAN Credit Loan Application 2023:Welcome to the official credit information portal powered by Smedan. The Idea of this website is to create a database of financial information in all the 36 states of the federation including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja so as to ease up the task of sourcing for information regarding available credit facilities for Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The Portal provides an information pool that will assist Enterpreneurs make informed decisions in getting loans and credits from financial institutions within their locations.

Objectives Of The CIP Portal

  • To identify the types of credit facilities available in the financial institutions in each state
  • Find out if there are credit facilities specially tailored for women by financial institutions as well as the challenges faced
  • To inform the public about the available credit facilities, as well as to access the extent to which the public respond to these facilities
  • Find out the ease of accessibility of the different categories of the available credit facilities
  • Identify the cost of credit for different categories of credit facilities and for each range of amount and tenure

Hope you find the website useful as you seek financial information that will boost your business.


Our various credit facilities

1. Personal Loans

Personal loans are aimed at helping individuals achieve aims/target quickly. We encourage loans to boost economic potentials.

Would I pay Interest?

Interest on personal loans are comparatively small and not neccessarily secured with your assets.

How do I apply for the Loan?

Applying for a loan here requires four simple steps. Follow the instructions here

Who are the Loan Providers?

Loan providers are financial institutions around you. Some may include government-funded agencies aimed at improving economy and purchasing power.


2. Mortgage Loans

What is Mortgage Loan?

Mortgage Loans are aimed to assist in acquiring property. It is usually long-term loan to assist individuals own their houses.

Rent to buy

Get access to information to rent and buy houses for the best loan deals and repayment scheme.

How do I apply for the Loans?

Applying for a loan here requires four simple steps. Follow the instructions here

Who are the Loan Providers?

Loans are provided by financial institutions in Nigeria, mortgage banks, housing schemes supported by the federal government of Nigeria.


3. Business Loans

Low Interest Loans

Get and compare the best business loans that support your business growth.

Increase Profit

Expand and explore untapped opportunities, widen your market reach through increase in production

How do I apply for the Loan

As a business, you can apply as the sole owner or as a group. Fill in the form above to search for loans around you.

Who are the Loan Providers?

Loans are provided by financial institutions including Micro-finance banks close to you, commercial banks, industry and MSME funds provided by Central Bank of Nigeria.


4. Credit Loans



Visit SMEDAN Credit Information Portal below.

SMEDAN CIP Loan Portal:

Then follow the Guidelines below:


1. Select Loan Type

  • Identify the loan that best suits your need


2. Fill in Your Profile

  • Provide basic information on your loan needs


3. Get Search Results

  • Get loan results based on the provided information

4. Apply For Loan

Get Information on the loan provider and requirements



Frequently Asked Questions

The credit information portal is a repository of information on the different providers of finance and terms and conditions for accessing finance.

There are majorly four types of loans you can access on this website; they are personal, business, Mortgage and credit. Whichever one you choose, will take you through a four stage process before you can access the information. The first stage is by clicking on any of the loans of your choice (Personal, Business, Mortgage and Credit) which takes you to the second stage where you have to fill in a quick form to search for the required loan selected from stage one, The third stage shows you a list of loans that matches your search criteria and the final stage is to view the contact information of your required loan.

We are yet to develop direct linkages to the participating financial institutions so the loan application has to be made directly to the financial institution that best suits your need.

Financial institutions have listed the different kinds of products and services they are offering. These services include personal, business and cooperative loans.

The service is still in its pilot phase and it is currently limited to Kaduna, Lagos and Abuja. The initiative will be rolled out in other parts of the country after the initial phase.

We advise each business owner to request this category of information from each financial institution as requirements may vary. However, the common documents requested are the certificate of incorporation of your business, audited financial statements and bank account statements.

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