NPC Birth Registration Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal Temporarily Unavailable

NPC Recruitment Schedule for Applicants Screening 2023
National Population Adhoc Staff Recruitment for 2023 Census

NPC Birth Registration Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal Temporarily Unavailable:The application website for the recruitment of Adhoc Staffs in collaboration with UNICEF, NYSC, NPC for 2023 has been active for a few days now. So Remember that UNICEF, NYSC, and the National Population Control Commission (NPC) have joined hands to register at least 12 million eligible children under the age of 5 in the country.

Similarly, the NPC Birth Registration will include the issuing of birth certificates that provide the names and origins of every child in Nigeria in 21 states, 456 local governments and 4,978 districts across the country.

Therefore, the NPC has been accepting applications for adhoc staff who will work to facilitate the effective birth registration of all eligible children.

However, the NPC recruitment portal has stopped working this yesterday as of Sunday 18th June, 2023.

This should not cause panic among job seekers who are waiting to apply for NPC Birth Registration Officers as the portal will soon be restored.

The NPC Childbirth Recruitment Portal is unable to accept application information at this time as it is under maintenance. All you can see now is “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable”. Hopefully by Monday, it would have been adjusted to allow all applicants to complete their applications.

The reason why the problem continues is to solve all other problems such as location errors, the problem of capturing the Face. and to improve the efficiency of the NPC recruitment portal so that everyone can apply for a job without any problem’s.

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