Latest Update on NPC Census Training Date June 2023

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National Population Adhoc Staff Recruitment for 2023 Census

Latest Update on NPC Census Training Date June 2023:Commissioner of National Population Commission in Ebonyi, Darlington Okereke, has announced that the new government will soon fix a new date for the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

This news carries significant implications for NPC Adhoc Staff Applicants, as it also signifies the finalization of the training schedule for Enumerators and Supervisors.

Once the new date for the 2023 Census is fixed by the Tinubu Adminstration, NPC will also fix a new date for the Enumerators and Supervisors Training.

According to Mr Okereke, the commission is safeguarding resources to avoid starting preparations all over again when the new date is fixed.

Okereke updated media executives on the status of preparations for the National Population and Housing Census at a breakfast meeting on Friday in Abakaliki

We have conducted recruitment and training of census field staff, procurement and configuration of Personal Digital Assistants, establishment of ICT infrastructures and logistics support, advocacy and publicity activities.

“The most important task before the commission is to sustain and reinforce the relevance of these activities to the successful conduct of the 2023 census.

“This will ensure that the nation does not have to start afresh the preparations, thereby saving cost. “The Commission has laid a solid foundation for future Censuses”, Mr Okereke stated.

Meanwhile, the National Population Commission (NPC) in preparation for the 2023 Census Exercise has continued census education, and has in recent time trained Enumerators, Supervisors and GIS officers on Postcode Area (PCA) Delineation.

The Commission announced that so far, in the 2023 Census Preparation, over N200 Billion has been spent on the procurement of census equipments as well as training of Field Officer.

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