A Clarion Call to Kaduna State Government to Reduce KASU Tuition Fees

KASU Institute of Education Admission Form 2022/2023
KASU Institute of Education Admission Form 2022/2023

A Clarion Call to Kaduna State Government to Reduce KASU Tuition Fees.

By: Lawal M. Kasim

21st June, 2023.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it.” ____ Malcolm X

To begin with, Kaduna State University has been renown for its high academic standard.The institution has gained global recognition and has become centre of academic excellence, it was rated among the best Universities in Nigeria. The Kaduna State University was established in 2004, under the Kaduna State Law Act number (3) promulgated on the 25th of May 2004. Kaduna State University has been regarded as the fastest growing University in Nigeria. The University which started with just three Faculties, have within the shortest possible time transcends into a world class institution. The development trend of Kaduna State University is unmatchable, as the institution in no distant time covered its first phase of development, with the second phase in progress.

The increment of KASU tuition fees by the erstwhile Governor of Kaduna State, in the person of Mallam Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufai, has caused a lot of hue and cry and as well as agitations because, it has happened at a period when the citizens were experiencing the pressure of the new normal known as the period of Corona Pandemic. The hike in the tuition fees has baffled Every Tom Dick and Harry. One thing we should remember is, during the period of Namadi Sambo as the Governor of Kaduna State, students were paying half of the tuition fees, and Kaduna State Government were paying half of the tuition fees on behalf of the students. During the tenure of late Ibrahim Yakowa, his administration could no longer have the resilience to withstand the tempo, he stopped the payment of half of the tuition fees by his administration on behalf of the students. Despite that, the tuition fees was still affordable by the students, then. The aforesaid were undeniable facts backed by empirical evidence.

The last straw that broke the Camel’s back is, as a result of the increment in the tuition fees, some students had to leave their studies involuntarily, not because of examination malpractice, or as a result of committing punishable offence which could lead to their dismissal. Nay! But because they cannot afford to pay their school fees. To be brutally outspoken, this is the highest level of marginalization. If you will borrow me a little latitude, I will take a voyage into the historical antecedents of our leaders who schooled four decades ago and before, they reaped the benefits of free education in a serene atmosphere. They did not pay a penny to have quality education. In line with the above, one might say: things have dramatically changed and gone were the days. There is no doubt about that.

To shed more lights, I deem it necessary at this juncture to use an Economics parlance call “trade off” to drive home my points. But before I use the Economics terminology, I am very much aware of the fact that running a University is not an easy task, it requires huge resources. Government has to resort to “trade off” than to allow waste of human resources. What do I mean by this? Some students are naturally gifted, they will be denied becoming Medical Doctors, Engineers, Pharmacist, Physicist, Mathematicians, Chemist, Biologist, Economist, Accountants, Historians, Political Scientist, Sociologists and what have you, because they can not afford the tuition fees. As a result of this, they will be affected by frustration aggression. The aftermath of this is not unconnected with the problem of social vices and moral decadence the State has been grappling with. By virtue of “trade off”, human capacity development is better than constructing bridges in the name of modernization. There is no gainsaying the fact that modernization is good, but human capacity development is the best.

In line with the above, I have to give kudos to Governor Uba Sani for championing the course of human capacity development. That was the reason why I supported him wholeheartedly in the last election. I composed a write_up for him with the caption: ” SENATOR UBA SANI ___ A TRUE POLITICAL LEADER, dated December 18, 2022. The write_up espoused his giant strides in championing the course of humanity. That I did, out of my own volition, without having an acquaintance with him before. He facilitated many Bills as a Senator, which were unprecedented. The Bills he facilitated were all geared towards championing the. course of humanity. As a result of doing this and even by doing that, I solicit the esteemed gestures of his Excellency, the Governor of Kaduna State, in the person of Senator Uba Sani to reduce the tuition fees of Kaduna State University. I have ample evidence that our Governor has milk of human kindness and milk of human kindness is the symbol that symbolizes his disposition. I pray that this write-up will reach him, and I have the firm belief as it reaches him, he will come to the aid of the students from poor background, by reducing the tuition fees, for them to unleash their potentials academically.

Based on reality, some parents who could afford the tuition fees,
could no longer have the resilience to withstand the tempo due to the present economic comatose. People are the engines of economic growth. Before you build structures, you have to build those who will man them in the short and in the long run. It is paradoxical that our overhead bridges were constructed by expatriate experts. We have the resources to make our institutions to the world standard. If we did that, any engineering construction that requires sophisticated technical know-how will be done by our Engineers. Kaduna State students are educated, they speak good English, they are capable and they are smart. The slogan of Kaduna State is, “Centre of Learning”. We want our Governor to uphold the glory of the State by making education affordable to the children of the less privilege, so that we will have inclusive development.

Lastly, I pray to our Governor Allah’s guidance in discharging his responsibilities hitch free, irrespective of religious and tribal differences, where inclusiveness will be the benchmark of his government. Amen.


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