How to Recover NDLEA Recruitment Application ID

How to Recover NDLEA Recruitment Application ID:The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA qualified applicants who successfully submitted their applications in the superintendent cadre (Professional and General Duties) for its 2023 recruitment exercise are to access their assessment platform for an online test from 10:00am on Monday 8th May till 23:59pm on Wednesday 10th May 2023.

Some candidates failed to download or print out their aknowledgment page before the closing date of the portal and now candidates application ID is required to login for online test portal.

For candidates in this category we have provided you with an alternative on how to retrieve your APPLICATION ID.

For Superintendent Cadre follow this step below:

1. NDLEA/SUPT/2023/xxxxxxxxxxxx

2. The initial NDLEA/SUPT/2023 is the code for Superintendent Cadre, so you are to replace the xxxxxxxx with your NIN which will give you your application code.


NDLEA Exams Portal:


NDLEA CBT Test Portal Login:

NDLEA Job Recruitment Shortlist PDF Portal Login:


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