NPC Commences Sending Training Invites for Shortlisted Candidates

NPC Recruitment Schedule for Applicants Screening 2023
National Population Adhoc Staff Recruitment for 2023 Census

NPC Commences Sending Training Invites for Shortlisted Candidates:The National Population Commission has commenced sending of Training Invitations to Approved Enumerators and Supervisors for the LGA Level Training scheduled to begin on 11th April 2023.

The content of the Text Messages and Email sent to the Applicants confirmed that, certainly, the first Phase of the NPC Adhoc Staff Training will be held from 11th-17th April, 2023.

The Training Invitation also contained the Venues of the Enumerators and Supervisors Adhoc Staff Training for each Participant in each LGA of the Federation. NPC Adhoc Staff Enumerators and Supervisors are advised not to delete such Mails or Text Messages when recieved as it forms a critical criterion used in welcoming
the Trainees in the Training Hall.


Here are Samples of the Training Invitations (Text Messages and Emails) NPC Adhoc Staff Enumerators and Supervisors should expect any moment from Today from the National Population Commission.


You are invited to participate
in the L.G.Census Training Exercise for Enumerator/Supervisor from 11th to 17th April,2023 @ ABEOKUTA

From Abeokuta North LG,


Important Notice of the National Census Commission

The link to check the training venues across the federation will be made available very soon.

NPC Classroom things to notes.

1. Your android phone is compulsory. …get enough data bundles on it….

2. No food for any trainees during recess/break time but you shall be paid for it after training.

3. Nursing mothers are strictly not allow.

4. Late coming in the morning is an avenue to sieve you without the main test or Exam.

5. Training commences by 8.30am and may likely to end by 6pm everyday.

6. WhatsApp group is compulsory for any class you belong/find yourself during the cause of the training.

7. Facilitators are to posses the skills to pedagogue the basics topics for better delivery…

8. PDA is the power… please you should know how to operate android phone Sirs/Mas. These are just the snippets to note before you enter the game.


NPC Training Date for Supervisors and Enumerators

NPC Adhoc Staff Training for Supervisors and Enumerators will be held from 11th-17th April, 2023.


NPC Training Allowance for Supervisors and Enumerators


A. Supervisor Training Allowance


1. Feeding N2,000 x 5 = N10,000

2. Transport               =N20,000

3. Training Allowance – N 13,000 X 5 = N65,000

TOTAL= N95,000

B. Enumerator Training Allowance


1. Feeding 2,000 x 5    = N10,000

2. Transport                 = N20,000

Training Allowance – 10,000 X 5= N50,000

TOTAL = N80,000


How to check NPC Recruitment
Approval Status and NPC Shortlisted
Candidates for Training

1. Visit NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal below:

2. Click on Check Application Status

3. Enter your Application Code or NIN

4. If your Status in PENDING, kindly note that your Application is under Review.


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