National Hajj Commission Medical Team Recruitment 2023

National Hajj Commission Medical Team Recruitment 2023:The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) is pleased to announce the commencement of online application portal for National Medical Team (NMT) of the following professionals.

1. Medical Doctors

2. Pharmacists

3. Nurses

4. Environment Health Officers (EHO)



The application portal will be access via NAHCON’s website by clicking “Resources” and then “NMT Application Portal” from the Main menu.

NAHCON Hajj Recruitment Portal:

National Hajj Commission Website:

The application portal will be open on 31st March, 2023 12.00 midnight and closes on 7th April, 2023 by 11.59pm.

Note: Only eligible Medical personnels are to apply.


1. The information provided by you will determine your eligibility or qualifications for membership into the NMT for the 2023 Hajj operation. All information contained in the application is subject to verification. Any omission, misstatement or falsification may lead to rejection of your application or removal of your name from eligibility list.

2. Note that this application is free and that the management of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) not at any point requires or charges a fee directly or through an agent or agency for this application.

3. Note that filling this form does not guarantee eligibility for this position.

4. To apply for this position, you should be between 25-60 years of age.

5. Applicants seeking the membership of the NMT:

i. Must be in active service at the time of application.

ii. Must not have served in the last 3 years Hajj (i.e., 2018, 2019 & 2022)

iii. Must be ready to work for 21 days and be ready to remain in the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia for up to 40 days before returning to Nigeria.

6. Note that any successful applicant will not be disengaged for any reason
whatsoever before the completion of his/her allotted 21 days of duty.

7. All successful applicants are expected to be of good conduct and must conform with the code of ethics of their respective professions and all other rules and regulations that may be promulgated by NAHCON to guide the operations of the NMT.

8. Every application must be accompanied by an attestation by a guarantor who must be a credible personality; either a career civil servant not below the rank of GL 12, Traditional ruler, Magistrate or Local Government Chairman. The guarantor must have known the applicant for not less than 5years and can attest to the credibility of the applicant.

9. The following documents should be attached to the application:

a. Guarantor’s form

b. Basic professional certificate

c. NYSC certificate (where applicable)

d. Current annual professional practicing license

e. Profile picture (taken against a white background)

f. Applicants’ declaration

g. Employers’clearanceletter


NAHCON Management


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