NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Salary

NPC Recruitment Schedule for Applicants Screening 2023
National Population Adhoc Staff Recruitment for 2023 Census

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Salary:The Applicants of the National Population Commission Adhoc Staff recruitment 2022 have been eager to know the actual Adhoc Staff salary as the 2023 Population and Housing Census exercise draws nearer.

Before we discuss the NPC Adhoc Staff
salary, let’s firstly give a quick update on the current happenings in the NPC 2022 Adhoc Staff Recruitment. As part of the processes to ensure smooth conduct of the 2023 Census Exercise, over 2
million Adhoc Staff will be temporarily
employed by the commission. Out of these Adhoc Staff to be recruited, only Specialised WorkForce and Facilitators have been shortlisted.

The Specialised WorkForce and Facilitators have been on e-learning since December 2022. Some have taken the NPC Quiz and NPC final exam, while their contact training has been scheduled to take place between
Monday 23rd January 2023 to Wednesday 25th January 2023, and Thursday 26th January to 4th February, 2023 respectively.

The National Population Commission,
according to its schedule for the 2023
Nationwide Population and Housing Census Exercise, has announced that the shortlisting of Enumerators and Supervisors will take place between 16th January, 2023 and 31st January, 2023.

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary (Unofficial)

1. NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for an Enumerator is N100,000 – N220,000

2. NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for a Supervisor is N130,000 – N230,000

3. NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for a Monitoring & Evaluation Officers is N150,000 – N300,000

4. NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for Facilitators is N150,000 – N300,000

5. Assurance Assistants/Rovers is N130,000 – N280,000


NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal:


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