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NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal Temporary Down: This is to inform candidates that wish to apply for National Population Commission (NPC) Adhoc Staff Recruitment that the NPC recruitment portal is temporarily shut down for maintenance from Monday 7th November, 2022.


As announced by the Commission, the portal will be temporarily closed between Monday 7th November to Sunday 13th November, 2022. This will allow the commission to process the number of submitted applications and to also rectify many issues on the portal such as:

  • NIN Verification Issues


  • Candidates that mistakenly chose NPC Staff application instead of Adhoc Staff.


  • Candidates that could’nt submit their applications upon resuming.


  • Candidates that did not save/lost their application code.


  • Candidates that submitted their applications but did not receive application code. etc.


Candidates with all these issues are going to have the opportunity to resolve their issues when the portal is back from the maintenance.



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NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal:


  1. I left a comment before the temporary shut down of the portal but did not get a response. I was hoping that after the portal comes alive that my issue would have been resolved but that was not the case. I completed filling up the form but did not submit because I wanted to resolve an issue. I tried continuing my application after a day or two but could not log on anymore. When I input my login ID, it just scrolls round n stops without doing anything. I tried using my NIN but the same issue. I also tried “check application status” but says retry. I do not know what to do anymore. I cannot restart because my NIN is captured already.

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