NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Frequent Questions & Answers

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Frequent Questions & Answers: Below are the frequent questions that the applicants of 2023 National Population Commission Adhoc Staff Recruitment are asking concerning the submission of application for the 2023 Census exercise.



NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Frequent Questions & Answers
National Population Adhoc Staff Recruitment for 2023 Census



I hope by going through this article all your questions on the problems you encountered during your application would be answered.



1. How can I retrieve my
Access Code/ Application ID?


ANSWER: Use your NIN to resume your application if it has not been completed and you will receive the Application ID as a confirmation message upon
successful submission of the application.



2. How can I resume my application without having my access code?

ANSWER: Use NIN to resume. One
must have either Application ID or NIN to resume application.




3. How can I check my application status?

ANSWER: Click on “Check Application Status”. But note that you can only see your application status after the application window has been closed.


4. NIN verification unavailable. What will I do?

ANSWER: Wait until it is available


5. I mistakenly applied as NPC staff instead of ad-hoc staff. How can I change it?

ANSWER: The mistake cannot
be corrected.


6. Completed my application
but could not submit it.

ANSWER: Refresh your browser.


7. I cannot log in with my ID. What should I do?

ANSWER: Check if your ID is correct
and try again.


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8. I forgot to snap my result
before I submitted my applica-
tion. What should I do?

ANSWER: Once an application has been submitted, it is no longer possible to attach any document.


9. I uploaded my picture
instead of a certificate. What will I do?

ANSWER: Once an application has been submitted, it is no longer possible to attach any document.


10. Having issues with photo capturing

ANSWER: Allow your browser to
use your camera.


11. Submitted my application but
did not receive any sms or email confirmation.

ANSWER: Network service provider delay.


12. Is there a provision for

bank details?

ANSWER: Only approved applicants will be able to enter their bank details.


13.  What is the minimum education qualification to apply?



14. What is the minimum age to apply?

ANSWER: 18 yrs


15. What is the maximum age to apply?

ANSWER: 60 yrs


16. For more information on

ANSWER: please contact our hotline, email and social media platforms below.


NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal:


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  1. Sir,my status is pending,and I read that we can still attend the training if the our status are still pending,but I don’t know if we are going to be assigned to our local government where the training will commence or the location will be sent to us that we still have pending issues? Sir

  2. Sir, my issue is that,I have completed registration but not submitted before the thing went off. I try to resume back through my nin but it is telling me that I should try the access code again. Please what should I do


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