CyberGirls 3.0 Computer Training Empowerment 2023

CyberGirls 3.0 Computer Training Empowerment 2023

CyberGirls 3.0 Computer Training Empowerment 2023:CyberGirls Fellowship is a free 1-year program that equips girls and women aged 18 – 28 years old with globally sought-after cybersecurity skills, positioning them to start a career in cybersecurity and helping them to seize work opportunities within Africa and across the world.

During the one-year duration of this fellowship, you will be given hands-on cybersecurity training, and mentorship, become certification-ready, and possibly get paid internship/job shadowing opportunities.



CyberGirls 3.0 Computer Training Empowerment 2023



Requirements for CyberGirls 3.0 Application 2022/2023

Before the starting of the application process, please ensure that you meet these eligibility criteria:

1. A Female aged 18-25 as of 25th March, 2023.

2. From and Resident in an African Country.

3. Passionate about starting a career in cybersecurity.

4. Can withstand the pressures of an intensive hands-on technical training.

5. Access to the Internet and are willing to devote fully to 7 months of intensive training.

6. Proficient in English and have completed High school/Secondary school.



Application Timeline for CyberGirls 3.0 

1. Application – 14th November 2022 – 4th December 2022.

2. Stage 1 Feedback – 10th December 2022

3. Written Test – 13th December 2022

4. Stage 2 Feedback – 17th December 2022

5. Cyber Essentials Course – 19th December 2022 – 8th January 2023.

5. Stage 3 Feedback – 12th January 2023.

6. Interview – 17th January 2023 – 24th February 2023.

7. Stage 4 Feedback – 15th March 2023



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How to Apply for CyberGirls 3.0 Application, 2023

To apply visit the CyberGirls 3.0 Application Portal below:


Cybersafe Foundation Application Portal:



FAQ About the program

Q: Can anyone in Africa apply for the fellowship?

 :: This fellowship is only open to female applicants aged 18-28 who are citizens and residents of African countries.

Q: Do I have to own a laptop to participate in the fellowship?

 :: Due to the generosity of our partners and donors, beneficiaries of the CyberGirls Fellowship owning a personal computer is a requirement to participate in the fellowship.

Q: Is the training physical or virtual?


:: The training is fully virtual for all beneficiaries of the fellowship program with a few in-person gatherings in beneficiary countries. However, we have a residential program for exceptional beneficiaries that will require their physical presence at our residential hub.

Q: What level of complexity is the training? Is it for beginners?


 :: Yes. The training takes you through basic digital literacy to intermediate cybersecurity skills. The participant is only required to have a high interest in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

Q: When are the start and end dates for the training?

 :: The training commences on 24th March 2023 till 23rd October 2023.

Q: How many days a week and how many hours will the training hold?

 :: The training holds on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) from 10:00 to 14:00 WAT (West African Time) except for National Holidays in Nigeria.

Q: How much would it cost to join the fellowship program?

 :: The CyberGirls Fellowship Program is free. You would not be required to make any payments before admission or during the program.

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