Kaduna SUBEB Decision on the Released of Evaluation/Competency Test Results 2022

This is to inform teachers that following the release of results of the Competency test on the Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board’s (KADSUBEB) dedicated portal for teachers to access, download and print, the Kaduna State Government has taken the following decisions:

1. Kaduna State Primary School Teachers who scored 75% and above are recognized as those who pass the test and qualified for attending courses in leadership and school management. They will be included in all Teachers Professional Development (TPD) programmes to enhance their capacities.

2. Teachers who scored between 40% to 74% did not meet up with the minimum pass mark but will be given a second chance to improve their capacities. The Board has arranged various training programmes for them under it’s statutory TPD and with support from the State Government and development partners

The training programmes will be conducted during end of term vacation and in their respective schools, to minimize disruptions of teaching and learning.

They are also encouraged to complement Government’s efforts and seek personal development for their own good.

3. The services of teachers who scored below 40%  are no longer required and their appointment have been terminated from the Public Service for their poor performance.

The Board assures teachers and the general public that it remain committed to ensuring their continuous professional development and the improvement of the learning outcomes of pupils and students.


Thank you

Kaduna SUBEB

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