Apply Now: DigiGirls Computer Training Empowerment 2021


DigiGirls is an initiative of Cybersafe Foundation, funded by the UK Government through its Foreign Development and Commonwealth Office (FCDO).

DigiGirls is designed to empower 2000 women and girls aged 15-40 years old with in-demand basic to intermediary employable digital skills. These employable digital skills will drive positive livelihood outcomes for you and your families, improve your employment prospects and prepare you for digital entrepreneurship in today’s digital economy.

This training offers the option of physical learning for up to 200 beneficiaries (in Lagos and Kaduna only) and virtual learning to 1800 women/girls in other parts of the country. This training is designed to be intensive, engaging and project-based, so that beneficiaries are well equipped to benefit from the digital economy.


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What to Expect

  • 3 months intensive training and 2 months of internship placement or job placement
  • Soft Skills + Digital Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Basic Digital Skills Refresher + Cybersecurity/ Responsible Use of Digital Training
  • One Intermediate Digital Skill
  • Mentorship by High-Flying women in the Tech Industry

Enrolment Criteria

  • Women and girls aged 15-40 years
  • Resident in Nigeria
  • Out of secondary school but yet to enrol or has completed Tertiary education
  • Willingness to learn new concepts
  • Must be resident in Lagos or Kaduna to participate in the physical training
  • Must be able to commit 20 hours each week to learning throughout the program duration


How the Training Will Benefit You

At the end of the Training, you should expect to:

    1. Acquire top digital skills in any of the 5 specializations.
    2. Meet and learn from experienced industry experts
    3. Acquire completion certificates to serve as the first proof of proficiency in the learned skill
    4. Develop market-relevant digital skills and able to deploy same to thrive in today’s digital economy
    5. Be exposed to vital soft skills, employability, and entrepreneurship training that will combine to increase your employability and work readiness.

Explore the Learning Paths

1. Data Processing
2. Graphics Design
3. Digital Marketing
4. E-Commerce
5. UI/UX Design


How to Apply

To apply visit DigiGirls online registration portal below;


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