How to Write, Fill & Upload N-power Batch C Stream 1 Acceptance Letter On NASIMS Portal Login Dashboard


Npower News: Following the Onboarding of N-power Batch C Stream 1 volunteers, Beneficiaries are to print out their deployment letter (PPA letter),  resume or report to their PPA within the 3 days of their posting.


Npower batch C stream 1 deployment & acceptance letter sample & format

Below is the sample and format of N-power acceptance letter which is to be fill by beneficiary PPA Official.


Npower batch C stream 1 deployment & acceptance letter sample & format




Before we explain further, the Npower Acceptance Letter is your deployment letter which the Npower sent to your dashboard and they want you to download and print it then take it to your PPA supervisor for signing and acceptance and upload it back to NASIMS portal.

After downloading the PPA/deployment letter, you are to take it to your assigned supervisor at your place of primary assignment not exceeding three days from the date of deployment.

PPA means Place of Primary Assignment i.e Schools for N-teach, Hospitals and Primary Health Care for N-health…. e.t.c.


How to write, fill and upload N-power Batch C Stream 1 Acceptance Letter on Nasims portal


Your assigned supervisor at your PPA will screen your documents (Credentials) and tick the accepted or rejected box, if you are accepted, Snap the Fiiled Deployment/Acceptance letter with your phone clearly or visit any cyber cafe or business center to scan it for you.


Then you are to re-upload the acceptance letter (Tick deployment letter by your PPA Official) to your NASIMS portal npower login dashboard again.


NOTE: When going to your PPA for acceptance letter and documentation,  please go with all the documents you uploaded on the Npower NASIMS portal


Npower login NASIMS portal :



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