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Successful candidates who have received appointment letters from Kaduna State Teachers Service Board (KSTSB) have been sending us mails concerning Induction Course and Documentation Dates.

KSTSB Recruitment Documentation Update: Check Documentation Date and Schedule:

KSTSB Recruitment Documentation Update: Check Documentation Date and Schedule

KSTSB Newly Recruited Teacher’s Induction Updates: Candidates to Re-print their Induction Schedule Slip

This is to inform the newly KSTSB recruited secondary school teachers that are to attend the induction course starting tomorow 9th August, 2021 that they are to login to Kaduna State Teachers Service Board recruitment portal to re-print their induction slip which will allow them to enter the induction venue.

The new induction slip contains candidate’s Photograph and Barcode which will be use to check the identity of the candidates.

Candidates are to note that:

  • They are to come along with print of their induction slip.
  • They are to come with valid means of identification ( National I.d Card, Voter’s Card, Driver Licence)
  • Attendance is Compulsory
  • All Covid-19 protocols MUST be Observe


  • Visit KSTSB recruitmment Portal below;





  • Click on the “Induction Date”

KSTSB Newly Recruited Teacher's Induction Updates: Candidates to Re-print their Induction Schedule Slip

  • Insert your Email Address, Phone Number or Recruitment Application Number and Click on “Check Induction Date”

KSTSB Newly Recruited Teacher's Induction Updates: Candidates to Re-print their Induction Schedule Slip

  • Print your Induction Date Coloured


From the appointment letter or Notification of appointment being sent to each successful candidates, on the second paragraph, there is this information which is telling the successful candidates what to do concerning Induction Course and Documentation Dates, below is the information as I quote;

“You are to check the recruitment portal from Monday, 19th July, 2021 for your Induction Course and Documentation Dates”


So, from the above information successful candidates should note that information about their Induction, Orientation and posting is going to be passed through the KSTSB recruitment portal going by how the recruitment process is being done from application to final list of successful candidates stages. So all the processes are online and only through KSTSB recruitment portal.

Click below to Check for Appointment Status;




How to Check Documentation, and Induction Course Dates for KSTSB Successful Candidates Recruitment

Induction Course: Induction is the process of introducing a new employee to the company culture and processes with the aim of bringing them up to speed as quickly as possible as well as making them feel socially comfortable and aware of their professional responsibilities.

About the date for checking of Induction Course and Documentation Dates, KSTSB says candidates are to check from 19th July, 2021 and that is the date when the final list of successful candidates was released.

So, successful candidates should be regularly checking the KTSB recruiment portal http://tsbrecruitment.com/ for any available update and also log in to their profiles and dashboard to check for their induction and Documentation dates.

KSTSB Recruitment Posting of Teachers

And successful candidates should take note that posting of new Teachers will be done after successful Documentation of credentials and fully participation in the induction course and will be also communicated to them through the recruitment portal.




Posting of KSTSB Newly Recruited Teachers

And finally the posting of new Teachers is likely to be done using their zones of indigenship with the exception of non-indigenes as each applicant’s appointment notification is indicating their local government of origin. So for example, if candidate applied using a local government in the central zone, the candidate will be likely posted to any local government within the central zone same as Northern and Southern Zones.



  1. Thank you for the info. The tsb dashboard page is not loading, am I the only one?Is there another way to know induction dates?


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