Niger State Civil Service Commission Massive Recruitment (NCE, Diploma, HND and Degree) 2021

Link to Apply for Niger State Civil Service Commission Recruitment 2022
Link to Apply for Niger State Civil Service Commission Recruitment 2022

The Executive Governor of Niger State, His Excellency Alhj. Abubakar Sani Bello has approved the recruitment of additional qualified personnel into the State Civil Service. In this regard, Niger State Civil Service Commission wishes to inform the general public that it will open up its portal for online application within the 3rd Week of March, 2021.

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The available vacancies for recruitments include:

1. Architects

  • B.Sc and M.Sc Architecture.

2. Engineers

  • B.Sc and B.Eng. (Civil, Electrical and Mechanical).

3. Accountants

  • B.Sc. in Accounting.

4. Administrators

  • B.Sc in Political Science, History, Sociology, Public Admin and Business Admin.

5. Economist

  • B.Sc. in Economics.

6. Lawyers

  • LLB, BL

7. Quantity Surveyors

  • B.Sc. B.Tech. in Quantity Survey

8. Town Planners/Urban and Regional Planners.

  • B.Sc. in URP, BURP

9. Agricultural Scientist

  •  B.Tech. in General Agricultural.

10. Water Resources Engineers

  • B.Eng. in Water Resources Engineering.

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11. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • B.Sc.  B.Tech. in Computer Scientist.

12. Medical Consultants

  • MBBS, Fellowship Qualification.

13. Medical Officers

  • MBBS plus House Job and NYSC.

14. Medical Record Tech.

  • 3  Years Course on Health Information Management from College of Health Sciences and Technology plus Registration.

15. Medical Record Officers

  • HND in Health Information Management plus Registration.

16. Assistant Dental Technologist

  • HND plus Registration

17. Dental Surgeons

MBBS plus Registration

18. Dental Therapist

  • HND plus Registration

19. Medical Laboratory Scientist

  • BMLS plus Registration

20. Medical Laboratory Technicians

  • 3 Years Course plus Registration.

21. Nursing Officer

  • B.Sc. Nursing plus Registration.

22. Staff Nurse/Staff Midwife

  • A Candidates possessing the NRN and NRM and Registration with MNCN.

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23. Radiographers

  • Diploma plus Registration

24. X-ray Technicians

  • Diploma plus Registration

25. Pharmacist

  • B.Sc. Pharmacy plus Registration

26. Pharmacist Technicians

  • 3 Years Course plus Regiatration

27. Physiotherapists

  • B.Sc. Physiotherapy plus Registration

28. Optometrist

  • MBBS

29. Biomedical Technologist/Scientists

  • Diploma and HND in Biomedical Engineering

30. Assistant Education Officers

  • Nigerian Certificate in Education with TRCN

31. Education Officers

  • B.Ed.  B.Sc. Ed. B.Sc./B.Tech. plus plus PGDE plus TRCN
S/NO Post Qualification
1 Accountants B. Sc. (Accounting)
2 Administrator B. Sc. or B.A. (Political Science or History or Sociology or Public Admin or Business Admin)
3 Assistant Dental Technologist HND (Dental Technology) Plus Registration
4 Agricultural Scientist B. Sc. or B. Tech (General Agriculture)
5 Architects M. Sc. or M. Tech (Architecture)
6 Assistant Education Officer NCE with TRCN
7 Biomedical Technician Dipoma (Biomedical Engineering)
8 Biomedical Technologist/Scientist B. Sc. or B. Tech or HND (Biomedical Engineering)
9 Computer Engineer B. Eng or B. Tech (Computer Engineering)
10 Dental Surgeons MBBS Plus Registration
11 Dental Therapist HND Plus Registration
12 Economist B. Sc. (Economics)
13 Education Officer B. Ed. or B. Sc. Ed. or B. Sc. or B. Tech Plus PGDE with TRCN
14 Engineers B. Eng or B. Tech (Civil or Electrical or Mechanical)
15 Lawyers LLB Plus BL
16 Medical Consultant MBBS Plus Fellowship Qualification
17 Medical Laboratory Scientist BMLS Plus Registration
18 Medical Laboratory Technician 3 Years Course in Medical Laboratory Science) Plus Registration
19 Medical Officer MBBS Plus House Job and NYSC
20 Medical Record Officer HND (Health Information Management) Plus Registration
21 Medical Record Technician 3 Years Course in Health Information Management Plus Registation
22 Nursing Officer B.Sc. (Nursing) Plus Registration
23 Optometrist MBBS
24 Pharmacist B.Sc. Pharmacy plus Registration
25 Pharmacist Technician 3 Years in Pharmacy Technician Plus Registratiion
26 Physiotherapist B. Sc. (Physiotherapy) Plus Registration
27 Programmer/Analyst B. Sc or B. Tech (Computer Science)
28 Quantity Surveyor B. Sc. or B. Tech (Quantity Surveying)
29 Radiographer B. Sc. or B. Tech (Radiography) Plus Registration
30 Scientific Officer B. Sc or B. Tech (Microbiology or Biochemistry or Biology)
31 Staff Nurse/Staff Midwife NRN or NRM Plus Registration with MNCN
32 Town Planner/Urban & Regional Planner B. Sc. or B. Tech (URP), BURP
33 Water Engr/Water Resources Engr B. Eng or B. Tech (Water Engineering or Water Resources Engineering)
34 X-Ray Technician Diploma (Radiography) Plus Registration


How to Apply

The application portal


However, candidate must note the following:

  1. The portal is opened for a Week beginning from 21st March, 2021.
  2. Don’t register more than once to avoid risk of TOTAL disqualification.
  3. Be sure you have relevant qualification for the position you intend to apply for.(See details of qualifications below)
  4. Remember to submit your necessary credentials
  5. In case you have registered and there is need for correction, use the “Edit Registration” option.



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