N-POWER ENHANCED: 2016 N-power Volunteers to Proceed to Enhance Programme


Here comes a good news to Npower 2016 volunteers, as their 2 years stipulated programme period comes to an end.

During the Npower facebook live chat with Mr Emakude, there is one good news from the chat that gladdened the heart of N-power 2016 beneficiaries , here it is;

Our  Dear N-power Family,

We ar all inspired just looking at the past several months, many doubted that it was possible to organise half a million young people together for the collective good of our communities and our country. But you have disproved this. You took an unmanned classrooms,giving hope to many young children. Despite barriers, you persuaded our people about the benefits of immunization and help organised record at our health centers. You advised  farmers on how to improve their crop yield and boost domestic production.You did this hardwork while also improving your skills and learning new things that were provisioned in your devices and during the course of your day-to-day activities.

We are grateful for your work across the lenght and breath of the 774 Local Government areas in Nigeria. We are also inspired there is indeed great hope in Nigeria’s Youths. But we also recognise that this is but a beginning and you all aspire to attain your dreams of a much ENHANCED FUTURE, Indeed your dreams for a bigger and greater contribution to ENHACED yourselves and your families lie at the heart of the next BIG PLAN for our 2016 N-power Volunteers.

2016 beneficiaries will proceed into an enhancement programme as you continue to give to give of your service and earn your monthly stipends.

The details of N-power ENHANCE will gladden your hearts as it indeed gladden Ours. muilti-sector, multi-layered and multi pronged plan will indeed answer all the questions that you have had over past few months about what the future holds. Indeed, the future is bright. the future is ENHANCED!!!


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