Transcript of Interview from Mrs Sadiya Faruq on 2016 Npower Exit Plan

Below are the transcipt of video interview from the Honourable Minister of Disaster management and Humanitarian affairs Mrs. Sadiya Umar Faruq which was covered by Daily Trust newspaper. She discussed on the fate and exit plan of the 2016 (Batch 1) of Npower volunteers.

  • When the Government put this program in place to support our teeming unemployed youth especially the graduates and it supposed to be a two years program.
  • It started with the first batch 2016, they were supposed to have exited in 2018 and we want to believe that most of them that are wise must have saved really from the stipends they are being paid every month.
  • Also they must have learnt some skills, so I don’t think we should have this panic that this people they don’t know their fate, they don’t know their future. From the onset, they know that it is not a program they are going to be there forever.
  • For us as a ministry, we are looking at all options for a plan exit, we are not just going to exit them and leave them to their fate, we have options and we re exploring these options with critical stakeholders to see how we can have a futuristic exit for this people so that they can have something to fall back to and continue with their lives and we hope that before the end of this year, we should come up with concrete exit plan for them.

(Credit Daily Trust)

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