Important Updates Concerning N-power Tech Software Beneficiaries

After a long time without any updates concerning Npower volunteers, today beign monday 3rd February, 2020 the official facebook handle of N-power has come up with an update concerning Npower Tech software beneficiaries, below is the content of the message.

Dear N-Power Tech Software Beneficiaries,
We have the following information for you.
This applies to those who trained in the FrontEnd and BackEnd of Web Design and Digital Marketing.
Please read carefully.

As you may recall, the just Npower Tech Software training focused on three areas;

1. Web Design and Digital Marketing.

2. FrontEnd and BackEnd.

3. Computer Appreciation.

  • For Web Design,Digital Marketing, FrontEnd and BackEnd, beneficiaries are required to do the following in preparation to their continuous learning, evaluation and mentoring.
  1. To access and subscribe to the following youtube channels.

i. Digital Marketing, click the below link

ii. Web Design, Click the below link;

iii. Backend and Frameworks, Click below link;

iv.  Frontend and Networks, Click below;

2. To register their free one year domain and hosting plan from the webpage below using their registered address.


3. To register complaints, beneficiaries should email any of  the addresses below,



  • Computer appreciation beneficiaries will be given access contineous learning videos shortly.

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