ABU Zaria Inter-faculty /inter-university Transfer Applications


Transfer in higher institution or Univervisty is very rare but atimes it happened for one reason or the other. For some students it is lack of passion or desire for the course they had offer to study, but due to the difficulty in getting admission into the higher institution they accepted the course out of no choice. The other case is that the student will be offered an admission into the institution but after going into academic sessions of that School that student failed to meet the requirements needed to continue with his academy due to poor results. As a result of this cases I mentioned above, the Student seek transfer from his faculty to another faculty that is  less difficult for him, while the other case is that if the student continue with the poor result he has been getting at last he will meet his last bus-stop which is EXPEL. May we not witness it in our academic career Amen.

Almost all our Univesities in Nigeria have this policy of transfer from one faculty to another, from one department to another and from one Institution to another. But my subject of discussion here is how inter and intra transfer is done in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (ABU). In ABU Zaria we have three (3) method of transfers which are

  1. Transfer from one Faculty to anothe Faculty within the School ( Intra-transfer).
  2. Transfer from other Institution of higher learning to ABU Zaria (Inter-transfer).
  3. Special Admissions into 300 level.https://abu.edu.ng/interfaculty-form.html


  1. INTRA-TRANSFER(Inter-faculty) : This is a transfer from one faculty to another within ABU Zaria.

Requirements for Inter-faculty Transfer:

  • Candidates apply for inter-faculty transfer should take note that transfer from professional course to non-professional course is allowed.
  • Also transfer from non-professional course to professional course is NOT allowed.
  • Candidates who were withdrawn due to poor academic results are allowed in this transfer.
  • Transfer from Science based programme to art based programme is not alowed and vice-versa.
  • Minimum CGPA required for intra-faculty transfer is 1.50
  • Candidates applying for inter-faculty transfer must satisfy Ahmadu Bello University minimum entry requirements for admission.


Requirements for Inter-university Transfer:

  1. Transfer from State and Federal University to Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) is allow subject to vacancy.
  2. Candidates transfer from a Private University to ABU may not be considered.
  3. 2.40 is the minimum CGPA required for transfer from one University to ABU.
  4. Candidates applying for Inter-University transfer is ONLY allow from 200 level and above.
  5. There is no change of Course in Inter-University transfer.
  6. Expelled and Withdrawn candidates from their universities will not be accepted.
  7. Candidates seeking for transfer to ABU must satisfy University requirements for admission.


Requirements for Special Admission:

  • Public should take note that special admission is to subject to availability of space in the course or discipline.
  • Applicants transfering to Public Administration course must obtain Upper Credit in HND/APDA or minimum of Lower Credit with 2 year post graduation waiting period.
  • Applicants with First Degree are not qualified for Special Admission.
  • Special Admission can only be offered to candidates within ABU Zaria Catchment area.
  • Special Admission is only allowed into 300 level.

HOW TO APPLY: To apply for the above transfers visits ABU portal below and follow the procedure      https://abu.edu.ng/interfaculty-form.html

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